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non standard tags in HTML, in Javascript and in Javascript embedded in HTML?

SyntaxError: syntax error 	  <XYZ MY TAG>

I tried out embedded javascript - it doesn't throw an exception, but javascript engine ignores whatever is between the tags.

In what way can it influence the rendering of the page - i.e. the Browser doesn't recognize it

It gets added to the DOM. From there it can influence the rendering of the page.

It won't be ignored. It will be added to the DOM as an unknown element. (spec).

JavaScript is not HTML. It will be parsed as if it was JavaScript. Since it isn't valid, it will throw an exception.

Since it is after a <script> tag, before a </script> tag and is a "tag" that isn't </script>: the HTML parser does not treat it as a tag and passes it through to the JavaScript engine. (spec)

Since it is not valid JS, the JS engine will throw an exception.

What happens in HTML to an unknown element - does it affect the rendering of the page?