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jquery Simple Example of Javascript Inheritance?

function baseservice() {
  this.loadAnimate = function () {
  this.loadComplete = function () {
  this.apiEndpoint = function() {
    return "";

var documentservice = new baseservice();
documentservice.sendRequest() = function() { /* ... */ }

If you don't want to have to use the new keyword, you can create a function extend either adds a field pointing to baseservice (document.baseservice = baseservice) or does a deep (recursive) copy, then adds documentservice.sendRequest.

JS works very differently to classical inheritance languages. Strongly advice that the OP read Crockford's "JavaScript the Good Parts" book.

Of course, folks have already worked on this with things like ded/klass.

Since Javascript is a prototypical language, it doesn't have the same sort of class inheritance that a language like, say, Java has. If you want a very simple instance of inheritance, you could try something like:

Then, documentservice has all of baseservice's members (note the this. in baseservice's function declaration instead of var).