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javascript Client side XSLT transformation of someone else's XML?

I just replied to another post regarding using yahoo's YQL to query any page and return it as JSON, which can then be embedded directly into your html page as a <script> tag. You may have to do something like that to get this all to play nice. Not sure how helpful my answer was as I've never had to do this myself, but if you're curious:

Incidentally, why is it that nothing displays in the browser?

Re: Nothing displayed in the browser. Huh. I never thought about that. The server provides the data as 'text/html' even though it is XML. I suspect that is enough to cause Chrome and Firefox to ignore it.

Sometimes "low-tech" is the way to go. Can't you have your source viewer of you browser linked to something like PSPad. Then it's just a single click to tidy the HTML/XML and you have a nicely formatted xml doc to "enjoy". I know, I know, this means install and download things etc, but still...

The low-tech way is kind of intrusive to me and the other developers. I don't particular want to change to PSPad just for this.