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java Is it possible to use MathML to describe data tables?

@pinkpanther not sure what example you want, you just surround each number with <mtd><mn> surround each row with <mtr> and surround the whole table with <mtable>

I mean the example which shows how to write script which seem like a table, with cols and rows in between borders.... is it possible? does it give flexibility as such?

mtable is not specifically for matrices (in particular it does not add parenthesis around the data) It is used for all vertical alignment layouts such as tables and aligned equations.

thank you very much... :) these things don't come up in google much... and not cared in SO either.... I posted in and was offtopic there.. finally you have solved my problem.... :) thanks ....

thanks, I would be delighted if you could give me an example sort of thing or at least the links to the page, where is such an example is made :)