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java How do I implement basic API gateway?

In a nutshell, API gateway exposes public APIs, applies policies (authentication - typically via OAuth, throttling, adherence to the the defined API, caching, etc.) and then (if allowed) optionally applies transformation rules and forwards the call to the backend. Then, when the backend responds, gateway (after optionally applying transformation rules again) forwards the response to the original caller. Plus, there would typically be an API management solution around it providing subscriber portal, user management, analytics, etc.

Or take an open-source API Gateway to learn from it - e.g. WSO2 API Manager (the easiest way to see it in action is the hosted version: WSO2 API Cloud)

So basically any web service framework would work as a quick DYI solution.

You can also use plugin model of an open-source load-balancer such as NGINX.