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html5 MicroData Headaches, Nesting, and Mixed up info?

As I say though, I don't think there is a neat way to do this in the page at the moment.

I don't think most of this is possible with the current status of microdata. One way round it would be to add the info in another place (i.e. first person at the end of a post, then second person hidden at end of page), which semantically is stupid, but would allow naive parsing to pick up both cards.

It might be worth asking on the working group email list, I believe that it's

awesome I think I'll clean up my questions a bit into better examples and give them an email :)

darn, well i guess Iw ill stick of calling myself my fiancee's "friend" and hope people atleast make the connection that I'm involved in all that junk. i would love to find out some sort of naming convention or schema where u can get quite detailed I'm not willing to go through the confusion of separating everything up :P