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html Element Repositioning using only CSS(Volusion Details)?

I think to run that I'd have to put the script in the site-wide template. I'm not sure but that seems likely to incur performance issues as it loads a pointless script on every page. Or is it much simpler than I'm thinking?

The only way to do this on Volusion is with javascript. You do not have access to the HTML for the product page and given that it is built with tables there is no way to move the product description area up with CSS.

Yes, it does have to be in the global template (or in javascript linked to from there). Because all product pages in Volusion have a similar structure both in terms of the URL and the html structure, you can start with an if statement to ensure it is a product page to at least not run the whole thing elsewhere. While it does slow things down somewhat, you do not have a choice. It's the only way to do it on Volusion.

You need to use javascript to detach and append the product description box below the product details area.