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firebase AngularFire Accessing child element methods?

var ref = new Firebase(FIREBASE_URL + "/posts/" + post_name);
var post = $firebase(ref).$asObject();
var comments = $firebase(ref.child("comments")).$asArray();
var root= new Firebase(FIREBASE_URL);
var post = $firebase(root.child("posts").child(post_name)).$asObject();
var comments = $firebase(root.child("comments").child(post_name)).$asArray();

And you can then simply load the post and its comments with:

Because we can nest data up to 32 levels deep, it's tempting to think that this should be the default structure. However, when we fetch data for a node in Firebase, we also retrieve all of its child nodes. Therefore, in practice, it's best to keep things as flat as possible, just as one would structure SQL tables.

But post.comments.$asArray() will not work, since your post is a plain JavaScript object (and not a $firebase sync anymore).

But you may want to reconsider your data structure. Even though Firebase is a hierarchical data store, they recommend against building deeply nested hierarchies. See Avoid Building Nests on

Firebase will load the data from the server only once. After that your JavaScript code can construct as many refs on it as you need, without downloading the data again.

So in your case that could lead to having two top-level elements posts and comments.