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c publish .net mvc to a remote windows server?

I checked and the is installed in the server. I also tried to do a simple html file and placed on the folder as you said and I still got a 404 error of file not found.

Just some simple ideas of how to resolve it. Hope they are usefull. a) Check the app pool of the application. Set it to the correct .NET framework if required. b) A very simple test I perform to see if its the app or the url. - Stop the app. - Place your app in a folder temporarily. - Place a simple index.html HTML file where your app should be. - Browse to it and see if 404 shows. c) if its a new box and not set correctly you might need to set up IIS for Application Development. Check this Link with regards to setting it up. Expand the tree to make sure you select what you need.

No proxy. Firewall rule por the app specific port in windows server is created and I do get the iis splash screen if I navigate to the root

So it is easy to deduce that this isn't a publishing problem, nor a mvc problem. It is an IIS issue. do you get the default IIS splash screen when u navigate to the box? Have you checked the firewall rules? Are there any proxies you need to look at and configure?