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android KIVY : Image + Label inside dynamic buttons?

        id: gridlayoutID
        cols: 1
        size_hint: 1, None
        row_default_height: 40
        row_force_default: False
        height: self.minimum_height   # bind height to minimum_height
        width: self.minimum_width     # bind width to minimum_width
    image_source: ''
    subtext: ''
        height: self.parent.height  # match the button's height
        width: 100                  # set to whatever you would like
        pos: self.parent.pos        # match the button's position
        cols: 1
            source: root.image_source
            text: root.subtext
for i in range(3):
    btn = Factory.CustomButton(text=str(i), size_hint=(1, None),
                               image_source='kivy.png', subtext='label')
from kivy.factory import Factory

Finally, a side note: you're creating new bindings on grid_l every time search_btn_pressed() is called. These bindings should only be created once. You could bind once in Python by moving those bindings to HomeScreen.__init__(), but again, this is easier in kv:

It's actually not displaying only for the last button - it's displaying for each button, but in the same position. The problem is that Button is not a layout, and as such, does not perform layout of its children. So the GridLayout for each button is rendered at 0, 0 with size 100, 100 relative to the origin of the nearest relative parent (in this case, the GridLayout grid_l because it is contained by the ScrollView).

Then, in your loop:

When you add widgets to a non-layout widget, it's up to you to layout those widgets by setting position and size. Note that you must set the actual pos (or x and y) and size (or width and height) - you cannot use pos_hint or size_hint, as those are only handled by layouts.