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URL from $routeChangeStart route params in angularjs routes?

//before each route change, check if the user is logged in
//and authorized to move onto the next route
$rootScope.$on('$routeChangeStart', function (event, next, prev) {
    if (next !== undefined) {
        if ('data' in next) {
            if ('authorizedRoles' in {
                var authorizedRoles =;
                if (!SessionService.isAuthorized(authorizedRoles)) {
                    if (SessionService.isLoggedIn()) {
                        // user is not allowed
                    } else {
                        // user is not logged in
function BuildPathFromRoute(routeObj)
    var path = routeObj.$$route.originalPath;
    for (var property in routeObj.pathParams)
        if (routeObj.pathParams.hasOwnProperty(property))
            var regEx = new RegExp(":" + property, "gi");
            path = path.replace(regEx, routeObj.pathParams[property].toString());
    return path;
  • I'm not keen on my $$route reliance, but I couldn't find any other way to do it. Maybe I missed something easier. I may be inviting trouble in the long term.
  • Standard caveat: This is all client side and subject to abuse. Make sure authentication/authorization happens server side.
  • The next Route object (from the event handler) also has a params property. I'm not sure if I should spin through its properties like I do with pathParams.

Here is the function that builds the path from the next object

I have a app with an authentication/authorization check in the $routeChangeStart event handler. If not authenticated, I present user with modal login page. I want a successful login to send them to their original destination (Beauty of $routeChangeStart is that it will run again and check authorization after the successful login). I save the path built from the next in a user session service that is injected into the modal login controller.

here is the event handler