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Firebase merge user account by email after the fact?

First step is to disallow multiple-accounts-per-email by changing the setting in your Firebase project console. The change will only be applied to new users - all existing users will still sign into their existing accounts as before.

It is possible to merge accounts with the same email, even after some accounts have been created in Firebase Authentication.

Since your app only uses Google/Facebook login, you can safely delete unwanted authentication accounts from the Firebase Console. Assuming in your database there is an entry (userid_1, email), and in you authentication project there are two accounts for the email (userid_1, email, Google) and (userid_2, email, Facebook). You can delete the (userid_2, email, Facebook) account using the Firebase Console or Firebase admin SDK. All subsequent logins with the same email, no matter via Google or Facebook, will always return the userid_1 account.