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Excel web part for Sharepoint not displaying text boxes?

Features that Previously Prevented Excel Files from Loading

  • Any OfficeArt technology. For example, Shapes, WordArt, SmartArt, organization chart, diagrams, signature lines, ink annotations, and so on.
  • Query tables (also known as external data ranges).

In Office SharePoint Server 2007, Excel workbooks that contain unsupported features like VBA macros, form controls, and so on are not loaded in Excel Services. In SharePoint Server 2010, to help users work with this limitation, Excel Services ignores certain unsupported features. In other words, rather than blocking the entire file from loading Excel Services loads the file but you do not see the features that Excel Services does not support. Following are features that do not prevent Excel Services from loading a file:

Note that these features continue to be unsupported. This means that they do not render, execute, or work in any way as they do on the client. Most of the features in the list do not render in Excel Services.

Text boxes are a form of OfficeArt and these features are not supported with excel web services.