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Load testing of PHP script on Windows + Apache + PHP thread safe with JMeter?

Although I am sorry that I couldn't help more - I do run both windows and linux servers but I have never experienced a problem like yours - although I have not tried using Memcached on the windows box ... looks like its experimentation time!!

By the way, I also tried to use Alternative PHP Cache downloaded from here but Apache has some problems - it doesn't respond after 1000-1500 requests. In its error.log I can see that some threads were unable to be finished correctly, and a little bit later get the message that they have been terminated.

Finally, there are problems with environment. Windows is not suitable to be used as secure server platform for PHP with port of memcached.

Hello, Ben. Thank you for the reply. I have already used XDebug for debugging purporses during writing the code, and I'm quite sure that my script is as fast as possible. I will look at WinCacheGrind (it's very interesting to face new useful tools) but from my point of view the problem is in the environment.

If I were you I would use XDebug to track down which parts of your application ar eating the time and causing the failed requests.

If you find that there is nothing surprising in the grind then that is the time to start looking at the environment.

Now come on - Windows isn't really a suitable server full stop now is it? lol!

Since you are on windows ( i presume ) then you can use a handy little program called WinCacheGrind to open and review the output files. It will show you, line by line or function by function, exactly how long the different blocks of code in your application take to run.