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Since your using selenium 2 and webdriver, Assert's work a little different. I can see that you using the WebDriverBackedSelenium. However keep in mind. That's not selenium2. That is just a way to ease into selenium 2. I would use something like this.

WebElement tooltip = driver.findElement(By.xpath("the xpath of the element"));

assertNotNull("Name:","IP Address:",tooltip);

What I'm doing here is. i'm looking for a tooltip.inside that tooltip, there are two main labels that stay the same: Name and IP Address:. So I'm testing to see if those words exists or not in the tool tip. The output should be Name: IP Address:. That tells me the answer is true.

Sounds like a good solution. I, however, have a team that would love to use the Selenium IDE Firefox Plugin to record their scripts. If I remember right the scripts don't really translate to this type of code. I would probably end up coding all of my scripts by hand. Is this correct?

Accepting this answer. If anyone does know if there is a good driver that also works closely w/the Selenium IDE, it would be great. For the time being I'll use the suggestion given here.

I am confused with the syntax: assertNotNull("Name:","IP Address:",tooltip); As I know there are 2 parameters as: assertNotNull(tooltip, "Name:"); Please correct me if I am wrong

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That way you will execute second test only after Filterseclection_1 is ended, and tests will not be run at the same time. By default TestNG runs test in parallel(you could change it, but it is not recommended).

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