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You are processing locally but your report is "Result.rdl". RDL files are typically run in the context of an SSRS server. Reports run locally in the ReportViewer control usually have an RDLC extension and were created inside Visual Studio using its designer.

Is there some reason to not use Remote processing mode on the ReportViewer control? If you're trying to eliminate the SSRS server from the mix, I think you have to convert the RDL report to an RDLC. They are very similar but not exactly the same. Here's an article that discusses the opposite translation but may shine some light -

If you create a simple RDLC report using the designer inside Visual Studio and then drag it onto a form, you'll see that Visual Studio creates a DataSet, BindingSource and TableAdapter to read the data for the report. I think you'll need to do something similar to read your data.

Of course, if it's a simple report - you could just re-create in the VS report designer.

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ReportViewer is a freely redistributable control that enables embedding reports in applications developed using the .NET Framework. Reports are designed with drag-and-drop simplicity using Report Designer included in Visual Studio 2010. The ReportViewer site will give you all the necessary details. It may be a bit complicated, but it will do what you want. Reporting is a little difficult to understand anyway for a novice user.

cool, thanks ,,, that's what i'm looking for,, your ref link is uite useful.

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I had the same problem than you and my solution was...

Update the dll Windows.ReportViewer.Winform (version 10.0) to (version 11.0) with Nuget.

i don't know why but problem was there !!!

Great! I hope never have this problem again (was a f... s...) jejeje

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Crystal = Big footprint, huge deployment, fast, good designer and support MS ReportViewer = small footprint, slow, bad designer, support.. well, not so damn easy to search after reportviewer, a name all uses.. sigh.

I actually find the report designer in reporint services very easy to use and can get it to do most things. I also don't think performance is that slow. The only times I have had trouble have been embedding reports in pages. In contrast I find crystal to be very tempremental.

Interresting.. I'm using the designer inside Visual Studio, and have one report with about 300 cells in an table, that report alone uses 1min 35 seconds only to open in design... The executing performance is excelent though. But if you get around 800 pages.. it get problems, which crystal did not..

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