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these are not real errors... they may be templates or config files etc. and not php files (thus you are getting parsing errors).

They can safely be ignored, however if you really want to get rid of them, you can add their file extensions in the ignored files of your project properties (i.e. *.test using examples above) and those files will not even appear in your project's source tree in NetBeans any more.

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In Laravel you can change the folder your applications load the framework and dependencies from bootstrap/autoload.php.

There's a require __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php'; line in it and you can change it to whatever you need. Thus you can change it to some outside folder, common to all projects.

Yup I see, and how about the composer part? How can I run a composer inside the CDN? just adding a single composer.json with all the require?

Yes, why not? Laravel does not depend on composer, it depends on the packages it maintains.

Ok, I'm doing it right now. If it's ok you'll take the point :)

There's a problem, My custom library inside "project1/app/lib/Project1" is hidden, IDK why. If I test another project, like project2, where there isn't any custom library it works like a charm

How are you including that library? I'm guessing a composer psr autoloader. You'll have to include it some other way or set up composer just for those (in each project you need to autoload libs) and include it's bootstrap.

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In a .gitignore you can use the ! operator to "unignore" files.

The following example will ignore everything in the vendor directory, but anything in vendor/MyFolder will be "unignored"


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The problem was a mix up with saving file via FTP. So the method was not in the model's file.

However it was misleading to see that Laravel tried to find the method under a package in workbench's folder, which has another vendor folder. Perhaps Laravel tried escalate searching for the missing method under that location when it didn't find it in the models folder.

php - Laravel model's custom method BadMethodCallException - tries to ...

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