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No, in WAMPServer 2.5 this is now done with SYMLINKS. See my answer for the correct solution. Anyway he needs the icu V51 versions anyway.

It was a new information ..:)

mysql - Unable to load dynamic library 'c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.5.12/ext/...

php mysql wamp
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First check if the mentioned file (php_intl.dll) is under c:\wamp\bin\php5.5.12\ext folder. If so, open the following file with notepad: c:\wamp\bin\php5.5.12\php.ini and check if you can find the following line (important: should not have ; sign before the word 'extension'): extension=php_intl.dll

I have checked the two things you suggested and they are both there. Is there any other issue it could be? Thanks for your help

It could be the typical wamp-related issue, you should look at this thread:,126105 ("left click the wampmanager icon -> Apache -> Version -> 2.4.9"). It recreates/resets the symbolic links might be causing your problem.

Thank you for your help. Can you please see the edit I made at the bottom of the question showing the errors that I get when I do so.

icuuc51.dll should be under C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.5.12 (alternatively full re-install wamp if total stucked, or try to add c:\wamp\bin;c:\wamp\bin\php to your PATH manually from command prompt: setx path "%path%;c:\wamp\bin;c:\wamp\bin\php")

mysql - Unable to load dynamic library 'c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.5.12/ext/...

php mysql wamp
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i've experienced a similar (if not the same) problem.

to enable the mysql_... and mysqli_... funtionality, i opened the php.ini file to uncomment the following lines:

but phpinfo() still stated that no mysql extensions were loaded.
i tried the fixes and suggestions above with no success.
so i invoked the windows shell and typed ("Path" environment variable set to the PHP & MySQL directories):
php.exe -m

this returned the following error: "PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\php5\php_mysql.dll' - Module not found."

this told me that PHP didn't recognize what i thought was the extensions directory. it searched all other places first (sys-dir, workin'-dir, the MySQL "bin" dir because of the "Path" variable set, and even a curious directory "C:\php5" that doesn't even exist on my mashine) but not the expected "ext" directory.

so the fix was to go to "php.ini" again and uncomment the following line:

this fixed it for me.
so if module loading is done improperly, first of all check the "Path" environment variable and the "php.ini" file - especially the "extension_dir" config value - and check if all values are set to their correct values.

hope this helps any1.

OS: Win7 Ultimate x86
Apache v2.2.16
PHP v5.3.3
MySQL v5.1.50
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This can be corrected very simply as follows.

Using the wampmanager menus do the following :-

left click wampmanager -> Apache -> Version

and then click the version number, probably 2.4.9

This will cause WAMPServer to rebuild of all the SYMLINK's in the apache2.4.9/bin folder and that will put the correct symlinks in there for these 2 extensions.

Edit the \wamp\script\ file and find the code that sets this variable $phpDllToCopy and replace it with this code.

$phpDllToCopy = array (
    'icudt52.dll', //[modif oto] - Ajouts pour viter unknown error PHP 5.6.a2
    'icudt51.dll', //[modif oto] - Ajouts pour viter unknown error PHP 5.5.6
    'icudt50.dll', //[modif oto] - Ajouts pour viter unknown error PHP 5.5
    'icudt49.dll', //[modif oto] - Ajouts pour viter unknown error PHP 5.3/5.4
    'libsasl.dll', //[modif oto] - Ajout pour viter unknown error
    'fribidi.dll', //[modif oto] - Ci-contre et dessous pour PHP 5.2.x
    'fdftk.dll',   // Peuvent tre supprims pour PHP 5.3.0 ou plus

Thank you. What is the simplest way that I can test to ensure that WAMP is working? I am not sure if I am getting a problem with my android app or the server?

Your welcome. You will have to ask another question for that, or someone will flag this and close this question. Give lots of details about the new problem in the new question.

mysql - Unable to load dynamic library 'c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.5.12/ext/...

php mysql wamp