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My approach to this is to use grunt-svgstore with the following settings in the Gruntfile.js

svgstore: {
    options: {
      prefix : 'icon-', // This will prefix each ID,
      svg: { // will add and overide the the default xmlns="" attribute to the resulting SVG
        viewBox : '0 0 100 100',
        xmlns: ''
    files: {
      "<%= folders.src %>/jade/_svgDef.jade": ["<%= folders.src %>/svg/*.svg"]

Note: I'm compiling all of the SVGs in my folder directly into one jade file, that I include in my layout.jade like so:

  include _svgDef
svg(viewBox="0 0 100 100", xmlns="")

Which is cool, because now you can style this SVG within your CSS, while keeping your edited jade files free from clutter!

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