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This type of scrolling does not really help. I was trying to achieve something more like this: When user is scrolling I am putting two DIVs and one FlexTable between them into a ScrollPanel. Then I only adjust the size of DIVs so the table appears in the ScrollPanel's window. My point was that instead of trying to display complex tables with too many rows at once (can be achieved with GWT cell widgets) it is better to fetch only currently displayed rows on demand.

GWT 2.1 Cell Widgets - continuous scrolling - Stack Overflow

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Try it again after moving the styles in CSS file instead of directly settting it in code.

    width: 100%;
    margin: 25px;
    border: 1px solid #808080;
    background-color: #FFFFFF;
private Label createBodyLabel(String body) {
    Label bodyLabel = new Label();
    return bodyLabel;

I never suggest you to set the style in code itself but still if you are interested then tye with Style that is obtained by calling Element#getStyle().

This is strange. On FF it works perfectly(well almost, margin doesn't work from css this way), but on Chrome content of this label is displaying under next label and still not all of it ;/

Have you tried with the second option as suggested in the end?

Yes, but now I know what is going on. It's problem with image that is loaded after Canvas is created, if image didn't have set height inside html it will cut part of content. Nevertheless thx for help

java - SmartGwt - Display whole content of Label - Stack Overflow

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Not sure if I understood what you're trying to do, but perhaps you could use DragStartEvent and DragEndEvent to display the make the tooltip element visible, like this (pseudocode):

onDragStart() {

onDragEnd() {

Calendar event class is extending Record Class. So there is no method for setting hoverText. I also have to set text as because it's a dynamic Text (i.e., current position's time). I want to fire the event which is automatically fired when user hovers Calendar Event.

gwt - Showing hover text while moving Calendar Event from one place to...

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Ok the problem with my case was that I had to also add this scropt to my module file.Adding this resolved the error and displayed the Map.

<script src=";file=api&amp;v=2"></script>

java - Error in running GWT Map - Is the Maps key missing or invalid? ...

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If what you want is basically mutex display, you could put all the components as members of a Layout instead of a Canvas, then use setVisibleMember(). That hides all other members.

simple problem, simple solution. thx PS: how could this work somehow in conjunction with animateFade()?

gwt - SmartGWT: hide current element showing in Canvas - Stack Overflo...

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I guess that if you inherit the NoScript module, you need to have an install of smartClient.

On the other hand, if you have no smartClient install, you need to inherit:

<inherits name="com.smartgwt.SmartGwt"/>

gwt - SmartGWT Program not displaying getting wnd.isc.Browser is null ...

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A dynamicform is a sort of grid, by defaul with two columns but you can change this number, every widget is normally filling two cell, one for its title and one for the imput element itself, you can display the title or not, you can change the title oriention (so put it over the input element in place of to the left) etc... you can span a widget on any number of column by using setColspan also. You can make "holes" in your input widget grid by using spacerItem or even complet row with rowspacerItem. Many components, many many attributes, many many many work

I have done the same and got the desired results. I was struggling to put all the controls(two buttons,ComboBox and TextBox). Now i want somethings like this as

"Text should be entered in textbox. After pressing the add button , it be added into ComboBox. If the same entry in comboBox selected , it generates a tab against it. " Can you help me in this regard

What do you mean "it generate a tab against it". A combobox is fed via a LinkedHashMap (your java code in the add button will add your entry to this list). You can have a HashSet besides which will avoid you to have duplicate value.

java - Creation of Forms having widgets in SmartGWT - Stack Overflow

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I'm not familiar with Smart GWT, but assuming the DateChooser item is based on native GWT date widgets, you can change its behavior by setting the locale of your application. Adding the following two lines to my [Application name].gwt.xml file (just below the "inherits" lines) changed these widgets to display Sunday-Saturday. I believe the default locale is "en" which was using a Monday-Sunday week (though it seems the opposite may be the case for you).

<extend-property name="locale" values="en_US"/>
<set-property name="locale" value="en_US"/>

That's it. I was actually using Finnish "fi" locale, but the firstDayOfWeek attribute was incorrectly set to 0 instead of 1 in the properties file that contains the translations. or something.

gwt - How to change first day of the week to Monday on a DateItem's po...

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Actually upgrading the SmartGWT library to latest version fixed these issue. As i tested these issues earlier using firebug and IE developer tools, it seems the problem with CSS handled for various widgets in SmartGWT. Thanks every1 for your help

java - IE displaying some widgets incorrectly in GWT - Stack Overflow

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where MODULE_NAME is the name of your GWT module. ie the name you have in your GWT module xml file.

If you are loading the module dynamically from a servlet, do not put your servlet in a sub sub virtual folder like /servlets/module, because doesn't work by more than the variable isomorphicDir was set.

gwt - SmartGWT Widgets not displaying properly - Stack Overflow

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It does not play very well together, in fact most widget libraries fail in this area. It's not impossible, but not there yet.

I am trying to integrate mvp4g with SmartGWT and facing an issue adding click handler through presenter but its not working and button is behaving like dead object.

java - GWT MVP and SmartGWT compatibility - Stack Overflow

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You can override the method ListGridField.setCellFormatter(), which takes an instance of CellFormatter(It is an interface, so you can create an anonymous class) and then override its format method. This way you can display the values in your own format. However you would still have to find a way to convert the underlying integer data to the correct value (i.e in GB or MB), once you get that just return value +"GB" or value+"MB" from format method.

You might want to look at the following link:-

gwt - Making a "smart" DataSource for SmartGWT - Stack Overflow

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What does the 'alert(currentSkin)' line in your html file display when you change the skin and the application gets reloaded? Does it show the newly selected skin name?

It looks like you are using code from the SmartGWT showcase, or it just happens to appear almost identical to it.

how to change GWT/SmartGWT theme at run time - Stack Overflow

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I solved the problem, the RootLayoutPanel who did not accept the chart display, a simple replacement by a layout.draw(); did the trick

java - add GWT-Highchart to Tab in TabSet - Stack Overflow

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Check in Eclipse for the project settings, make sure you have the right versions selected for the libraries. For example, the GWT SDK is under Google>Web Toolkit.

Yep, that is correctly showing GWT SDK 2.5.1. The Java Build Path is also showing the right GWT 2.5.1 Library. Maven is also showing the smartgwt4.0.jar and the correct GWT jars. The Java Build Path is also showing that we want to include ALL the files, and exclude nothing. That way when we look at the Google Web settings, we pulled in the correct GWT Module.

I basically just followed my own advice above as well. I just took the broken widget and re-created a new version, and slowly moved over one method at a ime until I found the broken code. I fixed that piece, and everything worked. The actual broken code was that I was tying the datasource to my form, and I didn't need to do that in my situation.

maven - SmartGWT and GWT upgrades not refreshed after upgrading jar ve...

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You can add another listGridField to the listGrid whose background color depends on the value of this booleanfield. This field wont have any text to display. Then you hide the boolean field in the listgrid.

gwt - don't display value in listgrid - Stack Overflow

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Yes CubeGrid is available to Power and Enterprise license holders from Isomorphic. Check out the CubeGrid and Facets classes and take a look at the show cases on the smartgwt pages.

If you are just able to use ListGrid you can achieve the same thing through iterating through the records. If you are able to use a database you can enter customSQL

<operationBinding operationType="fetch" operationId="VEP_AREA_RECORD">


SELECT * FROM (SELECT SUBSTRING(MeasurementTime,7,4) [Year], CASE SUBSTRING(Time,1,2) WHEN '01' THEN 'Jan' WHEN '02' THEN 'Feb' WHEN '03' THEN 'Mar' WHEN '04' THEN 'Apr'  WHEN '05' THEN 'May' WHEN '06' THEN 'Jun' WHEN '07' THEN 'Jul' WHEN '08' THEN 'Aug' WHEN '09' THEN 'Sep'  WHEN '10' THEN 'Oct'  WHEN '11' THEN 'Nov'  WHEN '12'THEN 'Dec' END as [Month],      [value] , [col1] as col1,
  col1 [col1_name], col2 [col2_name], col3 [col3], [col4_name] FROM your_table  WHERE MeasurementValue IS NOT NULL) TableDate  PIVOT <what you want in rows>  FOR [Month] IN (
) AS PivotTable
 ORDER BY groupCol1, groupCol2


clearly these columns could be actual values in your records/db or derived (in my case derived from the datefield. I"m not a SQL guru so if there's a better way I'd love to hear it.

In the above exmple the output would be

[jan]  [feb]  [mar] your case

[col1_valA] [col2_val1]    valx    valy
[col1_valB] [col2_val2

Hi, We are not using SQL database. Neither we are using Smart GWT EE :-( So we cant implement both of your solutions.

smartgwt - how to display columns as rows in ListGrid in Smart gwt? - ...

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The current behavior is by design. The spacing between items is calculated automatically based on the RadioGroup's size and the maximum number of the items that is displayed in the column.

As you tried we can achieve padding but unable to insertelements inbetween

If you want an custom behavior:

widget class
  • You need to create individual radio buttons and setting false the other radio buttons in ClickHandlers(Which is quite common thing).

thank you very much, I implemented my own widget, kind of tricky when working with the single radios, but at could do it at the end. Thanks! :)

java - Separate radio buttons elements in RadioGroupItem with smart GW...

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Forget everything I said, you can get the answerer here! (

Basically: google has a mechanism to detect if it is not hosted in a iframe. This of course raises the question why they us it in their examples.....

Stefan, Yes is working. But i need to view a HTML file in my local system. Can you help me? Thanks in advance, Gnik

you can simple write "Frame frame = new Frame(YOURPAGE);" where YOURPAGE is a html page located inside your war folder.

Stefan, Don't mistake me. Actually my html page is out of my application. So it would not be inside the war folder. I gave the path of the file. Eventhough i got 404 error. Please help me.

well the most common mistak in that regard is using "\" instead of "/".... have you checked that this is correct. Are you shure the path is correct (have you tested it in with the command line?)

Stefen, Actually my html file is in the Desktop of my computer. I'm using a Linux machine. So I gave the path "/root/Desktop/fileName.html". Is it correct? Can you help me?

smartgwt - How can i read a HTML file and display the content in GWT w...

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I believe that setPickListHeight() would do something like you want to do. The problem is that is not an entry height, it is a height in pixels so you ought to know the height of the entries you are adding. Also this height will be the height before putting on scrollbars, not sure if that is what you want.

java - GWT Combo Box: Limiting number of entries displayed? - Stack Ov...

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