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The speed of the upload should not be influenced by Fine Uploader in any noticeable way. All Fine Uploader does for non File API browsers, such as IE9 and older, is submit a <form> containing the file and related parameters. If you are noticing slow upload times, most likely something in your environment is the cause of the issue. You haven't provided any additional information about your environment, so I can't offer any advice on that front.

As you may already know, file size checking is not possible client-side in IE9 and earlier due to lack of File API support.

Can you please confirm what environmental factors can affect this, as an example(except slow internet)? also I have enabled debug mode and following is the log:- LOG: [FineUploader] Processing 1 files or inputs... LOG: [FineUploader] Sending upload request for 0 ----- at this stage it stops, and keep processing.... :(

After the 2nd log message, "sending upload request", the request is out of the control of Fine Uploader as it has been sent. More specifically, the hidden form has been submitted. Is a VM involved in any way here? I have seen weird network slowness from time to time when a VM is involved.

fine uploader - Fineuploader taking too long to upload files in IE9 - ...

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You can add custom elements to Fine Uploader's template, and these elements will be rendered onto the DOM which you can than manipulate via JavaScript.

<script type="text/template" id="qq-template">
    <div class="qq-uploader-selector qq-uploader">
       <ul class="qq-upload-list-selector qq-upload-list">
                <!-- custom element for updating with progress -->
                <span class="file-progress"></span>

You would then have to tie into Fine Uploader's events to update that element when the file is submitted (onSubmitted) or progresses (onProgress). To do this you'd use the getItemByFileId API method to select the file list item in the DOM, and then use JS to select that child element containing the progress element that you wanted to update, and -- naturally -- update it as you would.

// ...

onSubmitted: function (id, name) {
    var el = getElementByFileId(id) // retrieves the list element for this file id.
    // initialze the progress element, with 0% for example

// ...

onProgress: function (id, name, uploadedBytes, totalBytes) {
    // update as the file progresses ....

// ...

Perfect...for some reason I missed that part of the Styling page...I swear I looked it over first :-( Thanks.

also a heads up, your example html "<span class="file-progress"></a>" should close with a span, not an anchor tag.

fine uploader - Adding time estimates for each file in progress upload...

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I'd be careful declaring a file a duplicate simply based on the name. You should also take size into account, at least. Although, this is not possible in IE9 and older since we can't determine file size client-side in those browsers. Just for the purposes of simplicity, let's use the file name exclusively...

One way is to maintain an array of file names submitted to the uploader. You can add to this list in your an onSubmitted handler. The, you can contribute an onValidate handler that will reject the file if it already exists in the array. Your code would look something like this:

var filenames = [];
var myUploader = new qq.FineUploader({
    element: $('#test')[0],
    multiple: true,
    request: { endpoint: 'path/to/master/server/php/' },
    autoUpload: false,
    callbacks: {
        onSubmitted: function(id, name) {
        onValidate: function(fileData) {
            return qq.indexOf(filenames, < 0;

Also, just for kicks, why not just use Fine Uploader's jQuery plug-in, since you seems to already be using jQuery in your project? The above example is rewritten using the jQuery plug-in below:

var filenames = [];
    multiple: true,
    request: { endpoint: 'path/to/master/server/php/' },
    autoUpload: false
    .on("submitted", function(event, id, name) {
    .on("validate", function(event, fileData) {
        return $.inArray(, filenames) < 0;

@jk-jk I'm not sure who rejected your edit (it wasn't me), but it was perfectly valid, so I've edited the post according to your suggested edit (I also added syntax highlighting). Thanks for catching that (reversed $.inArray params).

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You need an ID that can uniquely identify the upload session and a protocol that can allow an upload resume, (GUID?). On reconnection, the uploader can then send in the ID and at what offset in the file it wishes to resume at. The server can then use the ID to lookup the class instance that is handling that upload and, like Dark Falcon suggests, just close the 'old' connection, move the file pointer as requested and resume streaming/chunking on the new connection. I guess you will need some timeout to remove stale upload session objects at the server. Your protocol may have to deal with this - what happens if a client requests a resume after the upload session instance has been timed out and freed?

How would you suggest to close the old connection?

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I have used all source code from below url:

   <script src=""></script>
   to    create instance the uploader.

   We need to just replace another version file of yui-min.js file as below
   <script src=""></script>

   Apart from js file we need to change these 

   To Upload file on the server, just write the script in the given above page in
    the  uploadUrl "uploader.php" as

   $uploadedPath = 'Uploaded_Files/';
    foreach ($_FILES as $fieldName => $file) {
       move_uploaded_file($file['tmp_name'], $uploadedPath.$file['name']);

    Now you will see all selected files will be uploaded.

   But there is limitation in the IE, We can upload 1 to 5 files at a time.

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I started using OneupUploaderBundle with jQuery File Uploader. I needed to upload multiple images at the same time and since you mentioned images this may work for you. In the OneupUploaderBundle EventListener, you can add custom logic right after the file is uploaded which includes moving the image to any folder you want, resizing, and adding other filters. I setup a method that automatically resizes and creates a thumbnail image, and my entity only stores the file info and location. Check these out and see if it matches you needs any better.

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You could create some kind of flash uploader which uploads a chunk at a time of the file, each request will then be short but you will instead make several of them. When the last chunk is uploaded you call a script which merges all the chunks to one file.

This, good problem solving right here - the user doesn't even have to notice it.

do you know a good place for me to find out how to do this?

Added a possible candidate in answer.

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It was NEVER possible to choose multiple files at once in IE9 or older in Fine Uploader (or any other upload tool that doesn't rely on Flash or Java). The reason for this is the lack of support for the "multiple" attribute on file input elements. The same restriction exists for all builds of Android, if I remember correctly. Again, this is a browser limitation, not a Fine Uploader limitation. In IE9 and older, you will need to select files one at a time, and you cannot submit them via drag and drop.

Fine uploader does not allow to choose multiple files in IE8 and IE9 a...

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If you're using YUI, you can use the Uploader utility. Uploader will upload each file in its own POST request and additionally you can set its simLimit attribute to 1 so that it only makes one request at a time. See:

How to post multiple files to server one by one (due to server side re...

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Fine Uploader does not support sending multiple files in a single request. This complicates the code unnecessarily and would break some existing features. Each file is sent in a separate request. You say you are performing some server-side checks to prevent uploads, but the files have already been uploaded by the time your server is able to perform these comparisons anyway. It's not clear from your question why you need to upload multiple files in a single request, or what benefit this gives you. If you clarify, perhaps I can provide alternate suggestions.

Basically the .ctl file has the name of the csv, file size, and number of lines in the csv file. For example, the ctl file will have the content: Vendor_20131108.csv,342226,2880 So basically I'm checking if it the correct csv file name, the correct file size, and correct number line in the csv file (in this example, there's 2,880 lines in the csv file). Thanks for your help!

fine uploader - FineUploader uploading multiple files as one request -...

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'uploader': '/_PATH_TO_YOUR_/uploader.swf', // Path to uploader.swf
'cancelImg': '/_PATH_TO_YOUR_/cancel.png', // Path to any cancel image
'script': '/_PATH_TO_YOUR_/upload.php', // Path to your upload script, you may change this to something else, depends on what your server is running
'folder': '/uploaded/',  // Your upload filder
//'fileDesc': 'Images Only (*.PNG, *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.GIF)', // Use this if you want to allow only image uploads, is shown when you press the Browse button in side the file types box
//'fileExt': '*.png, *.jpg, *.gif, *.jpeg', // Allowed file extensions
'sizeLimit': 52428800, // Max file size
'simUploadLimit': 1, // Only 1 upload at the same time, 0 = unlimited uploads at the same time
'multi': true, // Allows multi-upload, you can select more then 1 file/image
'buttonText': 'Select Files', // This I don't know if it works
'checkScript': '/source/interface/addons/uploadify/check.php', // Path to your upload check script
'displayData': 'speed', // What to display when you start the upload
'buttonText': 'Browse', // The browse button, .swf file

If you could, you can post the JavaScript that you have so far, so I can help you :)

Hi Endre and sorry for the delay I was very busy, I appreciate your help :). Actually, I tried the demo that come with the script and I got this error... Even on the official website on the demo page...

Oh wait, sorry I think it's my Firefox since i just tried it in IE8 and it work beautifully :S So I'll try to uninstall and reinstall Firefox... I'll give updates as soon as I have results.

Okay, everything is working fine except one thing... the file is not uploaded on the server (localhost), I uploaded a huge file (3 Gb) and my computer's cpu go above 75%, but its not on localhost... I can post a copy of my uploadify.php... Have an idea?

sorry for not answering, been on vacation ;) have you loaded upliadify.js?... here is my setup, .... the .php files are untouched, and you might need to update jGrowl to the newest release, I don't remember...

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In the callback to my 'change' event listener (handleFileSelect), I reset the value of the file uploader to "". Now, each time a file is selected, whether it is the same list or not, the 'change' event is triggered.

document.getElementById('files').value = "";

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For browsers that do not support the File API (IE9 and older, Android 2.3.x) Fine Uploader must rely on a commonly known "trick" to allow for "ajax" uploading. In these browsers, you must submit a form containing a file input element (one for each file). Fine Uploader creates a hidden iframe containing a form and a file input for the associated file. A separate iframe is created for each selected file. Fine Uploader then submits the form when it comes time to upload the associated file or files. The response text from the server is loaded into this iframe when the server response is received, and the library parses this response (which must be a valid JSON response, regardless of the browser).

The following limitations are in place on non-File API browsers:

  • You can only select one file at a time (one per "choose a file" dialog). This is due to the fact that none of these browsers do not support the multiple attribute on file input elements.
  • Dragging and dropping of files is not supported. This feature depends on File API support.
  • Progress bars do not appear, as there is no easy way to determine the upload progress of a file in browsers that do not support the File API. There may be efforts in the future to allow for progress calculation, such as a documented convention that results in periodic GET requests to check the progress, or support for the UploadProgress module in nginx or apache.
  • Client-side file size information is not available. So, any features related to or dependent on file size are not enabled. This information is simply not available unless the browser supports the File API.
  • Chunking and auto-resume features are not enabled since this explicitly depend on File API support.

Luckily, all "modern" browsers, including IE10, support the File API.

Yep, this is exactly the info I was looking for and makes perfect sense. Thank you!

fine uploader - fineuploader iframe functionality (IE7-9) - Stack Over...

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Hi all I tried to change the response header content-type from json to 'text/javascript' as the image uploader plugin needs but IE still asking me to save the file (which contains the response) but this time is UploadFromRTEXXX.js

I found alternative solution, I made the mvc action returns "string" instead of Json object the in the js files --> yui-image-uploader26.js I did a bit change instead of eval the response I used it as a string then instead of

o.staus == 'UPLOADED' //which o is the json response

and use this status to check is it 'UPLOADED' or not

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Selecting a file via the dropbox chooser will result in a URL to that file. Fine Uploader expects an actual file to be sent with each request at this time. If you'd like integration with that dropbox chooser API or the ability to send URLs in place of actual files, you will need to open up a feature request in the Github project's issue tracker.

That's great, thank you for your help. I will open a new question about using the s3 php class ( to upload direct to S3 from dropbox.

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Seems like this is not expected behavior. You should file a bug if you are sure that the jquery object you have passed contains more than on element (at the time you create it). If you are sure your jquery object contains multiple objects when it is created, and fine Uploader is only picking up the first in this instance, as a workaround, you'll need to include an array with a reference to each element in your case. Quite frankly, I'd advise against using the jquery plugin wrapper. It offers no real benefit. The non-jquery syntax is much more intuitive.

Also, I would be very surprised if this is a bug in the library as the jquery wrapper code has not changed for a very long time, so you'll want to be absolutely sure that the jquery object you have passed contains multiple elements.

Hi Ray, it does seem like a bug then in that case. I've created a JSFiddle. I'm not doing anything dynamic, just placing a few html tags. I'll try to file a bug on this. [JSFiddle]I( I'm interested in knowing your advice about not using the jquery wrapper though. Would that solve the problem by not using the jquery wrapper? As a lot of examples out there are based on JQuery, I used that and seems like the code just becomes neater and shorter. So I wasn't sure. Would it be simple to port it back to the non-jquery version?

By the way one more thing. You advised as a workaround to pass in an array with a reference to each element. But actually, for the extraButtons.element option, it does not accept an array of elements. It's not in the documentation, and it doesn't work when I do that either.

Hi Ray, this bug on multiple elements seem to exist even on the non-Jquery version. I've generally got that ported over, but still happening.

Thanks for the help. I've updated the answer to explain a bit more in details according to your solution during our conversation.

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Some Issue with uploader in function.php. these are you install some plugin that change the function.php file and some times from themes. You need to deactivate all plugins and change the theme. it will work fine.

Still I didn't add any plugins with my theme. So plugin is not a issue here.

I have solved it. I got 00000 before the <?php tag in theme-options.php file. I removed it and solved the problem.

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