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Please see This example uses the 1 rectangle for html->pdf output on each page. The rectangle is filled with raw html / html from url. It also can use Gecko engine. If you want to make dynamic pdf, you should use raw html for its content. Note, that it should be wrapped into something like

const String HtmlWrapper = @"<!DOCTYPE html>
                <head profile=''><title></title>
                    <meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8'>
                    <style type='text/css'>

where all css goes in script tags in the header or is referenced to

Trying to use Gecko Engine with ABCPdf and classic ASP - Stack Overflo...

Rectangle 27 0

I think you probably have no choice but to pay for a later version. I've been there myself

Gecko support was introduced in v8, and it looks as if it uses its own modified version of the display engine rather than the one which comes with Firefox. However as V8 and above support current versions of IE you probably wouldn't want to bother with Gecko.

Re Internet Explorer 8 - which is the version I think you need for old versions of ABCpdf - if your server came with IE8 installed to begin with and it's been automatically updated, then it should in theory be possible to roll back to the previous version, or even rebuild the server from scratch, and then block windows update from updating IE. If it came with IE9 or above then you really do need to upgrade ABCpdf

Aha, didn't realise that this feature was added in v8+, and didn't realise I didn't have to install FF. I think you are right - new version of ABCPDF is the only choice.

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