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Most likely this is due to the chunked response when serving a blob.

Here is an issue tracker item about audio files not playing correctly in some browsers.

Here is a test web site I put together while back that illustrates the problem.

As for workarounds - You can put the file on cloud storage and then play it from there, as long as you're not concerned about people hotlinking the file.

I'll check that out. However, Google Cloud Storage requires billing which I didn't enable...

Tried your test web site now, and chuncked response seems to work fine on Android. I'm still puzzled...

HTML5 audio blob would not play on Android - Stack Overflow

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Your audio tag's src attribute should point to an Url where a blob (audio stream) can be downloaded. Instead it just holds a value of the blob key (which is a random string and not an Url, so it does not point anywhere).

Basically, there isn't an universal blob-serving url, that you could just make a request to and it would serve your blob. You need to create a servlet that serves blobs (see example in the link) and then point the HTML5 audio control to it via src="/path/to/your/blob/servlet?key=<%=request.getParameter("blob-key")%>".

if u have problem in above code please set response header & content typle also.res.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment ;filename =en.mp3");res.setContentType("audio/mpeg3");

How to play mp3 file using Blob-key of blob store of app engine in jsp...

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