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Would it not be acceptable to use just a simple <center></center> tag?

I must be missing something here if not. Feel free to explain why in a comment. I love webdesign and your site is very impressive. I might suggest doing something to lower the load time, that is a bit of a turn off.


<center><body onload="MM_preloadImages('../logo-glow.png')"> 
<a href="homepage.html" onmouseout="MM_swapImgRestore()" onmouseover="MM_swapImage('minecraft2','','../logo-glow.png',1)"><img src="../log-noglow.png" name="minecraft2" width="998" height="222" hspace="0" border="0" align="absmiddle" id="minecraft2" /></a></body></center>

Try not to put formatting tags outside of the body. Place the <center> inside of the body tag. It works because it follows the low level strict rules of HTML, however, not all browsers are this nice and some might display your page incorrectly unless this problem is fixed!

Sure <center> works, but it's not valid HTML5 - which will become a problem as browsers shed older, deprecated tags.

Oh, no problem :) Just be careful with the expectation that 6 years from now it might not work anymore ;)

@DalexL HTML isn't a language, it's markup. And CSS isn't third party to HTML, they're both developed and maintained by the W3C. They go hand in hand.

@Thomas Please take your attention to the (markup) written after the word "language". It is a language, not a programming or scripting, however. CSS is not HTML, HTML is not CSS. Regardless of who maintains them, they are not the same. Products should be fully functional by themselves, they shouldn't force clients to use both. If they do, why not merge them as one? The question has been answered, no need to start a flame war or anything else such as it.

@DalexL aak sorry i missed "markup" - wasn't trying to fight. I was just pointing out that CSS isn't "third party" to HTML anymore than Paint is third party to Windows, which is why there's an HTML style tag just for implementing CSS. That's why it's not entirely odd that they'd deprecate a tag for use of markup, ya know?

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As others have said, this isn't valid html as the style tags belong in the head.

However, most browsers dont' really enforce that validation. Instead, once the document is loaded then the styles are merged and applied. In this case the second set of styles will always override the first because they were the last definitions encountered.

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