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I don't know of a tool that does that natively, but you can save your data in Excel as a CSV file, and use the BCP utility to load that data into any SQL database. Here is an older blog about the use of BCP with Azure SQL Database to get you started. If you are familiar with SSIS, you could import your data that way as well.

Windows Azure: importing data from Excel sheet? - Stack Overflow

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Is there a reason why you can not just use BCP (Bulk Copy) to import the data directly into SQL Azure? BCP supports CSV files and I suspect you could create a pretty simple process to import the data on a daily basis using this tool. If you do this, make sure you read up on some of the ways that you can optimize the load of the data. This can really make a difference if you have large data sets.

thank you for the outstanding link, it will come in handy. The reason i can't use a bulk copy is because i do not control the instances that send the csv's. these are fixed points that send data on a regular basis (i'm sorry i can't get into detail about this :))

Architecture for microsoft azure. CSV to SQL - Stack Overflow

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As you are setting up the mapping, do you create an primary key for new mytest_table? Also, look at the CSV properties, I believe there is a way to indicate the primary key column.

Data import from CSV to SQL Azure Database - Stack Overflow

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