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! you can do it ! by doing post-processing :

Edit : yes, but no : on Chrome at least, 'destination-in' does not match the specifications : the source is used to compute destination color, so we cannot have single color from a shaded one. ( i did a try on JSBin : )

2) Using getImageData and performance Array :

  • draw border in a temp canvas
  • getImageData of the canvas
  • get a Uint32Array or Uint8Array view on underlying data
  • loop linearly within array : if value > threshold set it to border color
  • draw the fill of the ellipse on target canvas
  • Second one does not require globalCompositeOperation to work. But on most browsers (all ?) get/put ImageData are slow as hell, this fact alone might invalidate this solution. The nice thing is you can precisely decide how to un-antialias.

Other StackOverflow members might have insight on all this.

Any of those solution will be much faster than a hand-written non-aliased ellipse function.

Remarks to get you started faster : You can get a UInt32Array view on your ImageData with :

then sourceBuffer32[i] contains Red, Green, Blue, and transparency packed into one unsigned 32 bit int. Compare it to 0 to know if pixel is non-black ( != (0,0,0,0) )

OR you can be more precise with a Uint8Array view :

var myGetImageData = myTempCanvas.getImageData(0,0,sizeX, sizeY);
sourceBuffer8     = new Uint8Array(;

If you deal only with shades of grey, then R=G=B, so watch for


and you can set the i-th pixel to black in one time using the UInt32Array view :


You'll surely be able to figure out how to deal with other colors than grey/black out of this example.

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